Complex situations requiere simple solutions. The solution became clear to our founding team. The worlds nature is binary, ruled by phenomena where opposite forces counter each others magnitude to achieve equilibrium. Water is to fire what order is to chaos.

This time, the magnitude of the catastrophe was countered by the magnitude of the response of the Guatemalan people. The whole country was unified under a higher purpose and differences amongst citizens were forgotten. Donations poured in from evrey corner of the country and beyond its borders. Social media became a tool for communicating the needs of the victims. Local and foreign volunteers flocked to ground zero and the shelters to help in way the could. However, given the magnitude of the catastrophe, and the lack of an clear organizational effort, more often than not, all these volunteer hands on became more of an obstacle rather than a helpinig hand.

The potentitial was there, however it was not being taken advantage of. Given the great need for human resources, every time that somene that wanted to contribute found an obstacle to do so, a precious opportunity was lost. It was clear that an efficient method for allocating voluntters was needed. We used a Google Form to that enabled volunteers to choose how and when they could  help. The response was suprising. With more that 400 fillied out forms only 4 days after releasing it, we had a solid base of volunteers that could help from their strenghts, thus ensuring maximum impact.