June 4th, Alotenango

During the first hours of the crisis caused by the eruption of the Fuego volcano, a small group of volunteer doctors, including Carlos, Pedro and Guillermo from our founding team, mobilized to an emergency shelter in a nearby town, driven by the urgency to help. This town, named Alotenango, is located merely 6 km away from the volcano’s crater.

Chaos and disorder dominated the scene. Alotenango’s municipality, central park and social salon were converted in operational headquarters and storage houses for government institutions, rescue teams and volunteer organizations. The small town’s roads were congested by a wave of ambulances, police patrols, and volunteer’s vehicles filled to the brim with donations. Amidst the traffic, thousands of civilians and institutional workers fueled by a mix of confusion, shock apprehension and grief  frenetically collaborated to either unload, pile or deliver donations. Nevertheless, a sense of heroic hopefulness directed everyone’s actions.