The Story

On Sunday, June 3rd at around 3:00 p.m., the sky turned dark and a strange rain began. It was rainig ash and sand in 8 states of Guatemala. A mere 45 kilometers away from the capital city the Fuego vo
June 4th, Alotenango During the first hours of the crisis caused by the eruption of the Fuego volcano, a small group of volunteer doctors, including Carlos, Pedro and Guillermo from our founding team,
The scenario inside the shelter, which by the way, was the local primary and middleschool, was the same as in the town of Alotenango. Victims of the eruption, volunteers and relief workers alike were
From a healthcare, humanitarian, logistic and governmental perspectives, the situation was complex. Overcrowding, water scarcity, overall unsanitary conditions of the shelters, frail mental and physi
Complex situations requiere simple solutions. The solution became clear to our founding team. The worlds nature is binary, ruled by phenomena where opposite forces counter each others magnitude to ach
The medical volunteer’s plan was to provide urgent medical care to the inhabitants of the towns that were destroyed by the pyroplastic flow.  Inside the shelter, they quickly set up a makeshift